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1. Russia did not ___ after it invaded Georgia and killed hundreds of civilians. "They asked for it," said a Russian official.
3. James Earl ___ was the convicted murderer of Martin Luther King, Jr. ___ claimed he was innocent.
5. If you throw a punch at a boxer, you'd better be ready for a quick ___punch. (Duck!)
9. He ___ted to his girlfriend that he had talked to the pretty woman in the bar, but "we were only talking about the weather."
10. Be careful if you ___ at cards; someone might hurt you if they catch you ___ing.
12. Government officials claim that ___ smokers will go blind and crazy, move on to stronger drugs, and become sterile. (Is that all?)
13. If you have a royal flush in poker, you will ___ your opponents' bets because you have the winning hand.
14. The most ___ person in church was the old lady who gave her last dollar.
15. This red plastic gas ___er ___s gasoline; do not use it to store any other liquid.


1. Hank ___ hit 755 home runs and batted .305 lifetime. He is a baseball hall of famer, and he never used steroids.
2. The little girl had a beautiful voice, but not a beautiful face. TV officials used her voice, but didn't show her face on TV. She said she was not ___ed.
4. His search for a girlfriend on the Internet was ___. All the girls lied about their weight and their age.
6. The ___ was so talented that the government made a deal with him--if he revealed his burglary techniques, he would get a reduced sentence.
7. People often close their business letters with "___," or "___ yours."
8. ___ Disney started out as an artist, but ended up as the creator of Disneyland and Disney World.
11. If you can find an ___ person, try to become his friend. A person who doesn't lie is rare.