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5. A. Why did you bet on that horse? B. I don't know. I just had a ___ that it would win.
8. Have you ever met a teacher who was sorry he chose teaching as his ___? (Of course not. Teachers love teaching.)
9. One of America's greatest writers, ___ Allan Poe died in 1849 at the young age of 40. (He wrote scary stories.)
10. The ___ business has suffered greatly in 2008 as home foreclosures have multiplied. (Realtors are getting laid off.)
11. ___ Bunker was Archie Bunker's wife in the hit TV sitcom "All in the Family."
12. If you read the horror stories written by E.A. Poe, you might get ___s down your spine. (Keep the lights on.)
14. "___, Sesame" are the words Ali Baba said to enter and exit the cave containing stolen treasure.
15. They were ___d in a discussion about the presidential campaign when they heard that Russia had invaded Georgia.
16. ___ sclerosis (MS) is a disease that has many different symptoms and no cure. (And no known cause.)
17. Mom told Sara to ___ her little brother to the school bus stop each morning.


1. Asked if she wanted vanilla or chocolate, Betty said, "Neither. Can't I have another ___?"
2. Without his wife's help and ___, Henry never would have written the book.
3. The Twin Towers stood tall and ___ until 9/11. Then they collapsed in a heap.
4. The policeman said, "___. I'm a police officer." Instead of standing still, the suspect ran away.
6. Deer ___s will walk for miles and stay in the woods for days in search of their prey.
7. Because William didn't call ___, it was only after he went to the theater that he learned that the play was sold out.
13. Men and women of all races and religions should be treated ___. (But are they--anywhere in the world?)