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1. The ___ collided with the fire engine on the way to the plane crash. The paramedic in the ___ was uninjured.
3. The IED, or improvised ___ device, has been used successfully in Iraq to blow up US trucks and other vehicles.
5. Before you plant anything in your yard, you should consult with an ___ gardener. (Otherwise, you might waste your time, money, and effort.)
7. Bush and Cheney claim that the war in Iraq has prevented another ___rence of 9/11.
8. Avalon, Pacha, Rebel, and China Club are the names of some popular ___s in New York City. (Drink, dance, and have fun.)
10. A ___ number can be divided only by itself and the number 1 (for example, 1, 3, 5, 7, 11).
12. Russia's Prime ___ Vladimir Putin is angry that the US is coming to the aid of Georgia after Russia invaded Georgia.
13. "And the rockets' red glare, the ___s bursting in air, Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there." --lyrics, "Star-Spangled Banner"
14. His assistant told him that the harmless snake was in bag 13, but bag 13 contained the ___ venomous snake. He stuck his hand in the bag, and died 30 minutes later.
15. Police usually don't tell the media the name of a dead person until after they ___ the person's next of kin.


1. The driver was pulled over for the tint on his front windows. "___, you don't know that this tint is against the law," said the Sierra Madre police officer.
2. When they opened the ___, they found ashes that might have belonged to a cremated person.
4. When the bomb expert tried to ___ the bomb, it went off.
5. He forgot he had put the six-pack of beer into the freezer. All six cans ___d overnight. (The freezer was a mess.)
6. An Edgar Allan Poe story might ___ the pants off you. (If you read it at night, try to ignore any strange noises.)
9. In 2008 ___ prices reached $4 a gallon. Some experts predict that ___ will cost $8 a gallon by 2015.
10. A ___ of the arts is someone who contributes his time and money to developing artists.
11. If your boss catches you ___ing off, he will order you to get back to work.