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1. ___ (HON-uh-kuh), or Festival of Lights, is an 8-day Jewish holiday occurring in November or December.
5. Michael Phelps and Mark Spitz are the world's two best Olympic swimmers. Mark won 7 gold ___s in 1972, and Michael went for 8 in 2008.
6. The man gave his entire fortune to his favorite ___, who didn't share any of it with other family members. (How selfish is that?)
8. She's very ___--she goes to church every day and says the rosary twice a day.
10. Phil is an ___--he doesn't know whether there is a God or not.
13. The horse race was pretty close--the winner won by a ___.
14. ___ for the thunderstorms, everything about our vacation was perfect.
15. She ___ed her eyelashes at the man, hoping that he would notice her.
16. After giving communion to the parishioners, the priest returned to the ___.
17. If you win the lottery, you should donate some of the money to your favorite ___.


2. A ___ is a woman who devotes herself to prayer and charitable works for the Catholic church.
3. A Catholic woman who plans to marry a ___ man is expected to become a member of the ___ faith.
4. Most spectators, and other swimmers, ___ at how well Michael Phelps moves through the water. (He must be part fish!)
7. Many archdioceses in the US had to pay big money because their ___s were sexually abusing young boys.
9. The Los Angeles ___, visible from the 101 freeway and costing millions, looks more like a prison than a place of worship.
11. A Roman ___ priest is not allowed to marry, or even have a girlfriend, or even have a date.
12. The ___ old lady asked the rabbi if he would pray for her. (He asked her to pray for him!)