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1. Bill ___ was a professional basketball player, a US Senator, and a presidential candidate in 2000.
5. Some diseases are ___; you catch them through the air, like the flu or tuberculosis.
6. If you take a long hike in brand new sneakers, you might end up with ___s on your feet.
7. The doctor angrily slammed on his car brakes and the bicyclist behind him flew right into the back ___ of the car, cutting off his nose.
8. ___ Johnson won the Masters golf tournament in 2007. He said his parents are his heroes.
12. Cheryl's little brother ___ed her constantly when she was growing up. She sometimes wished he hadn't been born.
14. America's ___ Miss organization, which awards scholarships to high school senior girls, celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2007.
15. His ___ was wondering if she should go through with the wedding. She worried that he had a roving eye.
16. If the park ranger catches you fishing without a ___, you'll have to pay a fine. (And hand over all your fish.)


2. The ___ of Iran's missiles is plenty long enough to strike Israel.
3. Michael Phelps's mother was probably his most ___ fan at the Summer Olympics.
4. Hit and run accidents are now ___ occurrences in Los Angeles. They used to be rare.
9. The big rig driver wasn't paying attention. He plowed into the small car, ___ing the rear end and killing 3 little children.
10. Warren bet $100 on the horse after he got a hot ___ from someone who knew the horse's trainer.
11. Some women would ___ to marry a rich, powerful man; others would ___ to marry an honest, loving man. (Others would ___ to stay single.)
13. Tired of high gas prices, many people argue that we need more oil ___s drilling for oil right here in the US.