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1. Kids should be taught how to ___ their money before graduating from high school.
3. The 2008 Summer Olympics attracted ___ from all over the world--TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, and Internet writers.
4. The ___ is a purple-skinned plant shaped a little bit like an egg. (But a lot bigger.)
6. Click twice and then hold if you want to ___ something around on your computer desktop.
9. Most people don't ___ their good health until they lose it.
10. What travels on 4 legs in the morning, 2 legs at noon, and 3 legs in the evening? The answer is: Man. (The 3rd leg is a ___.)
11. Broccoflower is a kind of caulifower that has the green color of ___.
14. More petroleum is used to make ___ than to make gasoline.
16. Many stores refuse to ___ personal checks because they might be invalid.
19. A vehicle's engine ___s a lot of horsepower.
20. Too many drunk drivers get a ___ on the wrist as punishment--2 months later they're drinking and driving again.
21. The hang-glider and an eagle were ___ing in circles near the mountaintop.
22. ___ is an indoor racquet game; the rubber ball travels so fast that protective eyewear is recommended.
23. While she drove around town doing her ___s, someone broke into her home.


2. They say that hatred and ___ are self-destructing emotions.
3. People who are ___ incompetent end up in jails because many public mental health institutions have closed.
5. In California you are not allowed to carry a pistol in the ___ of your car.
7. Premium ___ that cost 80 cents a gallon in 1979 was $4.40 in 2008.
8. Gas prices in mid-2008 have ___d by pennies after they had increased by dimes.
12. One of the wheels on her suitcase broke off, so she had to ___ the suitcase around.
13. A vandal poured gasoline over the car parked in the ___ behind the apartment building. The car and the ___ were destroyed.
14. The ___ in the airport was unattended. A bomb squad investigated; it was only a fruitcake.
15. ___ is a fibrous green vegetable in stalks that crunches while you eat it. (You can chew it almost like gum.)
17. When I was a kid, household ___ included setting the table, clearing the table, washing the dishes, and feeding the dog.
18. Because Billy had been in the same fraternity as the president, he was offered a ___ job in the administration.