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1. There are one ___ senators in the US Senate, two from each of the fifty states.
3. Because California legislators had not settled on a new budget, the governor wanted state workers to be paid the ___ wage.
6. Las Vegas is famous for gambling and for the hotels' delicious all-you-can-eat ___s.
7. They say that there are no clocks in a Las Vegas ___; that way, you won't know where the time went. (Or your money.)
12. Georgia was unpleasantly ___d when the US did not come immediately to its aid when Russia attacked.
13. Apple Inc. hit the ___ when it came out with the iPod and then the iPhone.
15. The curve ball from the right-handed pitcher ___ down and away from the right-handed batter.
16. In Las Vegas, you can play nickel, dime, quarter, or dollar ___ machines. (Good luck!)


2. ___, news travels almost instantly. (Can you imagine life without TV, radio, cell phones, or the Internet?)
4. ___ for Switzerland, Roger Federer lost to USA's James Blake in their Olympics tennis match.
5. The silver medalist ___ threw down his medal after the ceremony; he thought he had been cheated out of the gold medal.
8. If you become an expert card counter, you might succeed in winning at the game of ___ in Las Vegas.
9. ___ ___ (population 2 million) is the gambling and entertainment center of the western US. It's only a 4-hour drive from LA.
10. Usually red, ___ is a type of quartz. It is used as a gemstone and in ornamental objects.
11. Transporting people on just one rail, ___s operate in Anaheim, Japan, Seattle, Germany, and Sydney.
14. Phil Mickelson ___ a friend $5,000 that Jim Furyk would sink a sand shot on the final hole of a golf tournament. (He sank it!)