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3. If you're not happy with your spouse, explain your problem to him/her. Then, see a counselor. If everything else fails, get a ___.
5. Charlotte ___ Whitney (died in 1955) was active in getting women the right to vote and in promoting the communist party.
6. Michael Phelps was very ___ that the Serb swimmer merely glided into the wall at the end of the race. (Phelps won by .01 of a second.)
7. She felt nothing but ___ after she slipped and fell while modeling the new swimsuit on live TV.
9. Thousands of people who could not pay their ___s were sent foreclosure notices.
13. ___ Locklear is a pretty, blonde actress who has starred in several TV series, including "Melrose Place." Now divorced, she has been married twice.
15. Open the ___ drawer in the ___ cabinet and pull out the ___ on Bill Gates.
16. Facts about the universe are ___ing: Would a big fire 100 miles from you make you hot? Probably not. How far away is the sun?!


1. Doesn't everyone love their ___ and grandpa? (Well, at least ___; grandpa can be cranky.)
2. Because he was a ___ son, he took care of both his parents when they got sick in their old age.
4. A vegetarian, she was ___ to eat anything that might have touched or been near meat.
8. He was a very ___ young man. He wouldn't even share his books with his sister.
10. The sound of a car horn ___ed him to check his own car to see if he had locked it.
11. There are 8 ___s of the moon, including new moon and full moon.
12. Jim used his cell phone to ___ on his final exam. His teacher was suspicious, but couldn't prove that Jim had ___ed.
14. ___ Franklin was a genius. One of America's founding fathers, he also invented bifocals and the lightning rod.