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1. ___s are the backbone of American society--they're present in almost every community, working for free.
4. A portable scanner is a handy ___ that enables you to copy almost anything quickly and conveniently.
8. The scientists started to ___ into the volcano when it exploded.
9. Use a GPS device to determine your exact ___ on the planet.
12. After meowing in the tree for 2 days, the cat was finally ___d by the firemen.
13. The runner failed to stop at third base and was ___ped between the catcher and the third baseman.
14. Moles and gophers are ___ing animals. They make their homes in the ground.
15. The flight attendant ___d the preacher's wife for assault during the flight. She wanted $405,000 in damages.


2. The Catholic church says that we are all born with ___ sin, because we are descendants of Adam, who was the first sinner.
3. "I ___ a tone of sarcasm in your voice," said Sara.
5. Our atmosphere is mostly nitrogen, but about 21% is ___.
6. The mayor was ___d when he discovered that the city police had given him a ticket for his car's tinted windows.
7. The Spanair plane crashed on takeoff, killing 153 people; there were only 19 ___s.
8. The price of gas has made it impossible for many pizza makers to ___ pizza to your home for free.
10. Strange thoughts ___ to people who are high on drugs.
11. The ___ into the mayor's affair with the TV reporter ended in no formal charges of misconduct.