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3. If you grab a tiger (or even a housecat) by the ___, you will get scratched (or worse).
7. Many security devices contain motion ___s to detect whenever someone moves around.
9. The ___ in Beijing was such a problem that China closed nearby factories and restricted traffic during the Olympics.
11. The more ___ the staff are to customers, the more often customers will return to the store. (Everyone likes politeness.)
12. Because the amount of petroleum on our planet is diminishing daily, ___ prices will continue to rise.
15. A dirty air filter will cause your car engine to operate ___, wasting fuel and providing poor performance.
17. Some people find that doing a headstand is an effective way to ___ back pain.
18. Many ___s worked on cars in their youth.
19. In the old days, you could drink water from a stream or river; now, you must ___ the water first.
20. In California, the ___s coming out of your car's tailpipe must be tested every other year.
21. There are 3 grades of gasoline: economy, ___, and premium. (And they're all too expensive!)
22. Continental ___ is the slow movement of the continents over long periods of time.


1. Hurricane Fay created ___ weather throughout much of Florida. (For man and fowl!)
2. TV news reports label it the "___ for Iraq," but it's been 5 years of war, not ___.
4. The national news never ___s certain words and phrases; other words or phrases are substituted.
5. ___ Anatomy is the name of a course you must take in medical school.
6. Some mechanics ___ in German cars; other mechanics ___ in race cars.
8. The pogo ___ is a fun toy for kids, who love to bounce up and down on it.
10. The country that is the biggest ___ in the world right now is China. (Cough, cough.)
13. The doctor ___ed that Sara cut back on salt and sugar in her diet.
14. Some women are attracted to a man who smokes a ___. (It must be the aroma!)
16. In 2005 there were about 7 million registered ___s in Los Angeles County.