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2. The Georgian woman ___ed against the Russians for invading her country.
4. Gore-Tex garments help keep you dry and warm in rainy, ___ weather.
5. That restaurant does not allow you to use ___ or checks--you must pay with cash only. (A strange policy.)
7. The little boy acted like he had ants in his ___; he couldn't sit still.
8. Feeling totally ___ from the air-conditioning, she went back outside to march in the parade.
11. When you play eight-ball on a pool table, you start by ___ing the balls.
12. Boxers have a big white "belt" on their boxing ___s so that their opponent does not hit below the belt.
13. The little girl couldn't find her pajama ___, but she found her bottoms.
14. The ___ of cold air from the open door of the air-conditioned building was refreshing.
15. The small building was heated, but it wasn't ___-___. (Summers were rough.)


1. There are about 50,000 shopping centers, or ___s, in the US.
3. A navy blue ___ will look sharp with almost any color of tie and slacks.
4. A good story has a good plot and ___ whom you love or hate.
6. The officer got ___ when he saw the van parked behind the bank at midnight.
7. The Olympics platform diver ___ped into the water instead of entering the water like a knife.
9. The criminal ___bed a hammer and tried to beat the store clerk with it.
10. Crowds waited at the ___ of the theater for the movie stars to get out of their limousines.