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2. Don't ever ___ a baby bear, no matter how cute it is. (Momma is somewhere nearby.)
5. Without the aid of ___, Spain, and the Dutch, the American colonists never would have won the Revolutionary War.
6. The mattress burst into ___s and burned rapidly because it wasn't made of ___-retardant materials.
8. Under ___ pressure, the Australian diver won the Olympics 10-meter-platform diving contest on his last dive.
10. ___ is a boot-shaped country in southern Europe which is famous for Galileo and the Leaning Tower of Pisa.
11. The famous ___ of Pompeii, Italy, resulted from the explosion of Mt. Vesuvius almost 2,000 years ago.
14. The building was ___ soon after the fireworks stored in it started exploding.
15. She got a bad sun___ at the beach after she fell asleep without putting sunblock on.
19. ___ shooting is a competitive sport involving shooters who use shotguns to fire at flying clay targets.
20. At a funeral, people pay their ___s to the dead person.
21. The ___ to Re-Elect the President asked for donations from members of the Republican party.
22. They finally caught the ___ at Griffith Park who had set five fires in the last three weeks.
23. ___ enough, the arsonist was the son of the local fire chief.
24. The police ___ed the arsonist after a biker saw him running with a can of gasoline into the bushes.


1. Bev tried to ___ her stomach pain for a month. Finally, she saw her doctor, who figured she had a gallstone.
3. If I ___, it's called "expressing dissatisfaction"; if you ___, it's called "whining."
4. The ___ reason for the failure of the levee was that the "foundation was improperly constructed."
7. The woman's ___ face looked strange because of all the plastic surgery she had received.
9. The 10-passenger plane carrying medical professionals ___ed on impact with the ground.
12. Dodger ___ is the scene of Dodger Dogs and major league baseball games.
13. The arson ___ told the police that the gasoline can contained drinking water.
16. ___ and Japan were the two major defeated powers at the end of World War II.
17. ___, Greece is over 3,000 years old and is considered the birthplace of democracy.
18. The modern ___ started in Greece and were again held in Greece in 2004.
19. Russian soldiers ___ed the homes that belonged to Georgians, who wept as they watched their homes burn down.