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1. Scooter Libby was ___n for his crimes by President G.W. Bush, who pardoned Libby.
3. He punched the other boxer in the ___ and the ribs, hoping that he would weaken.
6. Before you cook beans, you should ___ them in water for several hours.
7. He cleaned up the milk on the kitchen floor with several paper ___s.
9. Chicken ___, tuna ___, and potato ___ are popular at picnics.
10. They were having a ___ in the park when the police came, telling everyone to leave because of a nearby fire.
12. Navy "police" who watch out for rowdy sailors are often called ___ patrol.
13. The ___ is a smart phone that also offers you email, the Internet, a camera, and video recording (go to
16. "Let me ___ into something more comfortable," she said in a sexy voice.
17. When the British refer to crossing the "___," they are talking about the Atlantic Ocean.
18. Arlington National ___ in Virginia is land set aside exclusively for burying military veterans.


2. He was about to put flowers at his mom's ___ when he noticed that her tombstone was damaged.
4. McDonald's delicious french fries are made from baking ___es.
5. Tiger Woods is ___ the greatest golfer who ever lived. (Many people would say "definitely.")
8. A ___ is a common flower that has a yellow center surrounded by white petals.
11. The businessman's first success was his ___ stand when he was a young boy. He squeezed his own lemons.
14. G.W. ___ will be finished as president in January 2009. (Thank goodness!)
15. The Sierra Madre Search and ___ Team, consisting of volunteers, has been saving people lost in the mountains since 1951 (go to