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3. The final ___ into the facts surrounding 9/11 did not find evidence of a conspiracy among US government officials.
5. He is a top-___ executive who has helped double the company's profits this year.
6. "The ___" is a popular monthly magazine devoted to current national and regional issues.
7. G.W. Bush said that the nations of the world that aren't against the ___s are for the ___s.
8. ___ is the country in northeast Africa famous for its pyramids and the Nile River which runs through it.
10. She was doing her ___ all around town when she got a parking ticket.
12. The birthday gift was wrapped in a pretty ___.
17. A lunar eclipse ___s when the earth passes directly between the sun and the moon.
18. The drunk driver and all three ___s died immediately when the speeding car crashed into the oak tree.
20. Jerusalem is the capital of the Jewish state of ___.
21. The US Army 82nd ___ Division has made parachute jumps in various countries.
22. The ___ of President John F. Kennedy was a sad day in this nation's history.


1. If you're going to park on campus, make sure you get a parking ___.
2. She uses the skills she learned in the beauty ___ to make people look nice in the funeral ___.
4. What is ___? The man on the beach went over to pick up the frisbee; just then, a boulder fell off the cliff and killed him. That's ___.
9. The pretty woman offered the ex-smoker a cigarette. He was ___ed, but he politely refused.
11. ___s are not only in Egypt; they are also in Mexico and China.
13. Without the ___ of the bank's loan officer, you won't be able to buy the house.
14. She said that when she spilled coffee on his ex-girlfriend, it was an ___. She didn't do it on purpose.
15. A ___ is often as skilled and knowledgeable as a pilot.
16. If you're too tired to drive home tonight, you can just ___ at my place.
19. ___ is the capital of Egypt and one of the largest cities in all of Africa.