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2. Because thunderstorms were so ___, they decided to move to a sunnier region.
5. The constant chatter in the back of the room ___d the speaker; he asked them to be quiet.
6. An angry ___ of words came out of his mouth so fast that they were hard to understand.
8. ___ Titicaca, bordering Bolivia and Peru, is one of the highest ___s in the world--12,507 feet.
9. The snake quietly ___ed along, using its tongue to sniff for a mouse or two.
10. The dinner plate had gold trim all along the outer ___.
11. Arsenic is a popular ___ used to kill rats. (Four-legged and, sometimes, two-legged.)
12. The ___-looking man scared women and children, but he was actually very friendly.
14. The Andes ___ range in South America is more than 4,000 miles long.
16. The boulder rolled off the edge of the ___ and onto the man on the beach below who was picking up a frisbee.
18. On clear days, Catalina Island is ___ from mainland southern California.
19. Is there a ___ in your throat, or has the cat got your tongue?
20. If you leave your car in the hot sun, your ___ ___ might be too hot to hold on to.


1. Because this is a ___ area, there are lots of families with their cats and dogs. (So drive slowly.)
3. The ___ was about to strike, but Bob managed to kill it with his shovel first.
4. His voice ___ed off as he stopped talking and started thinking about his sick wife.
7. Books and PBS will ___ your horizons.
9. The cops were close to catching the suspect, but he managed to give them the ___.
13. Beavers are born to build ___s.
15. It's difficult to change the opinion of ___-minded people.
16. A ___ is a young cow, whale, or seal.
17. The ___ survived a fall down a 100-foot mine shaft in northern California.