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2. The woman charged $100 per ___ so that you could talk to your dead relatives.
3. ___ wrap is a thin plastic that clings to food and dishes so that you can keep leftovers fresh.
4. I asked the medium if she could ___ my dead grandpa. She said, "Sure, for $100."
6. Women ofter wear a ___ under their dress or skirt.
9. If a lamp accidentally falls into the tub while you're relaxing, you will be ___d. (Lights out for you!)
10. Margarine and butter are usually sold in sticks or ___s.
11. The killer who murdered 19 people in Mexico kept a low ___ in East LA for 10 years before getting caught.
12. She put saran ___ around the turkey legs and put them into the fridge.
14. You clap or applaud by putting your ___s together.
17. September 11, 2001 was a ___ day for Americans. (Partly because it was the beginning of the loss of our freedoms.)
18. The protesters threw (full) water bottles at the police and then ___ed that the police arrested them for no reason.
19. Most people ___ God, but some (evil) people ___ the devil.


1. The ___ filed and polished the customer's fingernails.
2. The arson ___ joined the group of walkers, pretending that he was one of them.
5. She ___ hit the Turn Off button instead of the Stand By button on her computer.
7. The ___ plaque, made of bronze, was one of many that were stolen from the cemetery.
8. The power was off for six hours; all the food in the ___ and the freezer was ruined.
13. "When a Man Loves a Woman" is perhaps ___ music's greatest song.
15. The ___ was very good at making people believe that they were actually communicating with their ancestors.
16. If you have a good ___ of humor, it will help you enjoy life.