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1. Politicians ___ say things they don't really mean. (Not always, just ___.)
5. The opening paragraph or the opening scene has to ___ the attention of the audience.
6. The two young girls ___ged and kissed their parents before going to bed.
8. Although she was married, she still liked to ___ with attractive men.
10. He said that he would take the student aside and speak to her ___ about her behavior.
11. Her eyes ___d as she sang the national anthem at the stadium.
12. How can anyone ___ tasting coffee when it smells so good?
15. ___s are like neighbors--they can help make your life pleasant or miserable.
16. The husband and wife have ___ respect, admiration, and love for each other.
17. ___ speaking, alcohol does a lot more harm than good. (But it will always be with us.)
18. If you can't ___ your mother, who can you ___? (Or whom.)


1. Someone who's good at ___s is able to add, subtract, multiply, and divide easily.
2. His new jacket was too ___; he took it to the tailor to have it let out.
3. He said, "I ___ you" three times and then went looking for a new wife.
4. He never gets a ___ because he worries that the masseur might give him a contagious disease.
7. "Why are you being so ___?" he asked, as she quickly locked her diary in the desk.
9. G.B. Shaw, the Irish writer, said, "___ is the beginning of creation."
13. "You've got a chip on your ___," the boss said. "Get rid of it, or I'll get rid of you."
14. The girl who won the spelling bee had a big ___ on her face. (___ has only one N.)