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2. ___ 10 will take you from Santa Monica, CA to Jacksonville, FL--ocean to ocean.
5. You will spend more time in prison for selling ___ cocaine than for selling powder cocaine.
6. He jerry-___ged a way to keep the door locked until he could go to the hardware store.
8. They ___d the levee with hundreds of sandbags.
9. She was wearing a ___ing blouse that had all the men staring.
11. The ___ in housing construction turned into a bust.
12. His favorite part of the paper was the Business ___.
15. Weather and water can ___ a mountain, but it will take a l-o-n-g time.
16. The customs agent ___ed the traveler's bags. "What's this?" he asked.
18. ___s are part of life, unfortunately. They can be natural (earthquakes) or man-made (bridge collapses).
19. When the gangsters found out who the stool ___ was, they cut out his tongue and poked out his eyes.
20. Cancer is just one of many diseases that can cause you to have a ___, painful death.
21. Trucks and ___roads are the foundation of commerce in the US. Without them, stores would be almost empty.
22. The pet shop owner ___d bankruptcy. Thieves had stolen all his prize pets in one night.


1. ___s have their own sites on the Internet where they do their writing.
2. The assassination suspect jumped out of the sixth floor window and ran away. --News item. (Did he land in the swimming pool?!)
3. That was a ___ movie. I'm going to buy the DVD as soon as it comes out.
4. The woman disappeared 16 years ago, but the cold-case ___ by the police ended in her husband's murder conviction.
7. The stock market value of Indy Bank ___ed right after the congressman questioned the bank's assets.
10. After all the hype and publicity, the movie ___ at the box office. Investors lost millions.
12. If you don't have good ___ absorbers on your car, you risk having an accident.
13. Sometimes the ___ is the only person operating the train.
14. ___ a little vinegar on your salad to add some zest to it.
17. Every ___ must have a license plate with a current registration sticker on it.