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1. Is Osama bin Laden the world's best known ___?
5. City people go to dude ___es to learn a little about cowboy life.
6. They had a ___ honeymoon in Hawaii. (But of course!)
7. "With this ring, I thee ___," the groom said to the bride.
9. ___ for the driver, his head lights went out at the curve in the road.
10. The ___ driver and the fire engine driver were both paramedics.
14. The cows were grazing in the ___ not far from the stream.
15. The man was in a ___ after being struck on the head by the water bottle.
17. Bob was a strange ___; he didn't believe in God, but he did believe in aliens from outer space.
18. Many department stores are ___ing prices to encourage customers to resume shopping.
21. What do people want more--education or ___? If you ask the TV networks, it's ___.
22. If you're preparing a meal, keep the uncooked meat ___ from the other foods.


2. How often do earthquakes ___ in Japan?
3. If your best friend and his girlfriend are having an argument, don't get ___d.
4. A busy film actor will ___ many different characters in his career.
8. "Foyle's War" is a BBC TV ___ about life in England during World War II.
11. Maybe they had a short marriage because they had such a short ___ment.
12. There are almost half a billion ___s worldwide who follow the teachings of Buddha.
13. Their ___ ended when she found out that he was dating two other women.
14. She spoke to one of the Buddhist ___s who lived near the temple on Figueroa Street.
16. Go to if you have the money to purchase your own private boat for $200,000 or more.
17. A TV sitcom is a "situation ___." (Many sitcoms are mostly just "situation.")
19. You can use your ATM to ___ information about your checking account.
20. Tennis players often wear ___ bands to keep their hands dry.