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1. When the top___ disappears from wind or erosion, crops cannot grow.
2. Because the ___ seems to be rising all over the world, global warming is a popular topic.
6. You don't need to go into the ___s; just give me the general idea.
7. Here's an odd book ___: "The Story of My Life Before My Mother Knew Me."
12. It's your ___ as a citizen to vote and to serve on juries.
13. Don't wash your dirty ___ in public. (Keep family matters private.)
14. Jimmy is an ultrasound ___; he "sees" your heart via sound waves.
15. Because they had no written language, they shared their traditional stories ___.
17. Close ___ before striking. --Instruction on matchbooks.
18. The ___ doesn't go to the top floor. --Joke referring to a person's intelligence.
20. He drank so much champagne at the brunch that he ended up ___ing in the rest room.
22. The city ___ is full of dead bodies.
23. The victim wasn't breathing and the paramedic could not feel a ___, so she started CPR.


1. While we're on vacation in London, let's see all the ___s.
3. He turned on his computer, but the screen on the ___ remained completely black.
4. If you see a tornado coming, head for the ___ of your house. (Quickly--and don't forget the cat!)
5. A ___ has to be ___ while waiting to see the doctor. (Even when he or she has an appointment.)
8. The paramedics strapped the victim onto the ___ and rolled the ___ into the back of the ambulance.
9. ___ surgery can make your big nose smaller and your thin lips fatter.
10. A. ___ally, I like that tie you're wearing. B. Why, thank you!
11. Because the pain was in Bob's large intestine, the doctor examined Bob ___. (Ouch!)
16. A. What's that ___? B. I think we need to freshen the kitty litter.
17. She took a break from doing household ___ by watching TV for a while.
19. The instructions were so ___ that no one knew exactly what to do.
21. He forgot to pull up his ___per after using the rest room.