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1. She updated her Spybot and Ad-Aware ___ in order to help keep her computer free of spyware.
5. She ___ed down all the pins the very first time she rolled a bowling ball.
6. Gymnastics can be ___ to your health; broken bones are common.
8. The bus ___ is printed in booklets and is also online. (Make sure you check when the last bus runs.)
9. Don't work at just any old job; find a job that you are ___ate about.
10. Los Angeles Trade ___ College is on Washington Blvd. in Los Angeles. It was founded in 1925.
13. A hospital ___ helps the doctors and nurses take care of the patients.
14. A 401K is an excellent job ___, especially if the company matches employee contributions dollar for dollar.
15. The actress wouldn't talk to the police about the actor's death unless she was granted ___.
16. The cut in her finger developed into an ___, even though it began as just a tiny paper cut.


2. Do you ___ the day that you ever met a particular person--especially a rude one?
3. The rubber band on his wrist was a ___ reminder to smoke no more.
4. The ___ ___ at Pebble Beach is one of the most expensive and famous in the world.
7. Every fall, college students must ___ for their classes.
11. You can roast, broil, boil, fry, grill, stew, and bake ___. (It tastes delicious no matter how you cook it.)
12. The council member made a ___ to adjourn the meeting and another member seconded the ___.