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1. I ___ if I turned the stove off, he thought as he was driving to class.
3. John McCain ___led the character and strength of Sarah Palin, his vice presidential selection.
4. The salesman had a great ___ ___; anyone who listened to him eagerly bought one of his products.
6. In California, you should have ___ plastic bags, water, and toilet paper at home and in your car. (In case of an earthquake.)
8. Some celebrities don't have much of a ___ life. (People always want autographs.)
9. One drop of coffee or a drop of blood can ___ a white shirt.
11. In early summer, the purple ___s fall off this tree, covering the cars and streets.
15. The dollar store used to have ___ed items, but nowadays many items are regular-priced.
16. On ___ ___, men buy candy, flowers, and cards for their sweethearts. (And vice versa.)
17. I'm ___ as to why you're studying English instead of some other second language.
18. John McCain is ___ed by everything about Sara Palin--she's determined, pro-life, and conservative.


2. Can I ___ you something while you're waiting--some tea, perhaps?
3. TSA tries to ___ passenger safety by inspecting everyone before they board airplanes.
5. Before a ___ can occur online, you must enter a quantity and click on "add to cart."
7. A. What are you getting me for our tenth wedding ___ tomorrow? B. Huh?
10. Don't forget to seal the ___ and put a 42-cent stamp on it.
12. A. What is the make of the car? B. Ford. A. What is the ___ of the car? B. Mustang.
13. The two most popular American luxury cars are ___s and Lincolns.
14. If someone says Benz, you automatically think ___.