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4. A ___ is a tiny dog with a big mouth. (It is originally from Mexico.)
5. Her boss at the beauty ___ allowed her to use only ColorFix and Mavala beauty products.
7. During a presidential campaign, the candidates will press a lot of ___. (Their hands might get sore.)
8. You don't need to ___ because it wasn't your fault.
9. The woman ___ed a million dollars from her uncle who died of salmonella poisoning.
10. She was tickled ___ to get the surprise birthday gift from her new friend.
13. A. Thank you very much. B. Don't ___ it.
15. Wardens can't chop off the hands of thieves because that would be ___ and unusual punishment.
17. That sounds like a ___ request. I'm sure the boss will approve it.
18. He was ___ to a fault; his family never wanted for anything.


1. Hugh Hefner's Playboy ___ is in Holmby Hills, which is just west of Beverly Hills.
2. Samuel ___ is the British writer of the novel "The Way of All Flesh."
3. Osama bin Laden resents the ___ of the American military in Muslim lands.
6. Bill Gates made his ___ from the software company Microsoft.
11. Thomas Jefferson was the first president who was also a ___; Bill Clinton was the most recent.
12. Don't ___ someone's efforts to speak English; give them encouragement.
13. His wife left a ___ for him to pick up some milk on the way home.
14. The king of England abandoned his throne in 1936 to marry his true love, the ___ of Windsor.
16. You accused my son of cheating on the exam--how ___ you! He is as honest as the day is long.