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1. "To Serve and ___" is the motto seen on police cars.
4. People often ___ their eyes just as they wake up.
5. The murderer ___d his knife into the chest of his victim, over and over again.
6. "Is it a dull ache, or is it a sharp, ___bing pain?" the doctor asked.
8. He was so drunk that he couldn't walk straight; he ___d out the door and crashed into the light pole.
9. The Democrats ___ up their 2008 convention with a concluding 45-minute speech by Obama.
12. He reached across the table to ___ the salt shaker.
15. The baby's head slipped through the bars of the baby ___.
16. The ___s arrived quickly at the car crash and checked for survivors; unfortunately, there were none.
18. When hurricane Gustav hit New Orleans, the levees were ___; none were knocked over by rising water.
19. Someone tossed nails onto the bike path. A group of riders suffered ___d tires.
20. ___ pie is a popular British dish. It usually contains ___s from a pig or lamb.
21. First ___ is a company that manufactures smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.
22. If you get into a ___, your friends or family will usually help you out.


2. George W. Bush ___ed Mike Brown for the "good job" that Brown did during hurricane Katrina.
3. "Let It ___" is one of the Rolling Stones' greatest albums (1969).
4. Showing her sense of ___, 17-year-old Bristol Palin decided to have the baby and marry her high school sweetheart.
7. The runner somehow ___d to win the race despite his stomach and leg cramps.
10. If the US government promises to ___ your country from aggressors, don't count on it.
11. Some airlines are now charging passengers $7 for a ___ and a pillow. (But passengers can keep both.)
13. The Congressional Medal of Honor is awarded for ___ beyond the call of duty.
14. To avoid the hurricane, patients in New Orleans hospitals were ___ed out of town.
17. Everyone on the roller coaster ___d bloody murder as the coaster flew off the tracks.