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1. Apple pie and key lime cheesecake are popular ___s.
4. Dumb ___ jokes are as popular as lawyer jokes. Example: Why do ___ smile during lightning storms? ... They think their picture is being taken.
5. ___ is a requirement to vote or serve on a jury.
7. She wouldn't marry him because he didn't want to have any ___s. (She wanted at least two.)
8. While the customers were looking at the menus, their ___ asked if they wanted anything to drink.
9. His brother ___ned when he heard the dumb blonde joke.
11. Using a Mac is ___ simple and fun compared to a personal computer.
12. Someday they'll make a computer that's as simple to ___ as a TV. (No more "operator error.")
13. "That was a close ___," Sara told Bob after they had skidded to a safe stop.
14. The ___ accidentally left a sponge in the patient's body after gallbladder surgery. (Oops!)
15. The waitress asked the customers if they wanted ___s before ordering their entrees.


1. I don't know which is the most ___--fried chicken, grilled steak, or boiled lobster.
2. If you leave a dairy product out at room temperature for too long, it will ___.
3. The ___ Sea is south of Europe and north of Africa.
6. Many foot doctors believe that ___-___s are harmful to your feet.
10. The student ___ed after class in order to talk to the teacher.
11. I'm sorry--I didn't ___ that this seat was yours.
13. If you don't have common ___, you'd better have a good ___ of humor. (So you can laugh at all the dumb things you do.)