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1. We had a very ___ time at the beach. The temperature was mild, and we enjoyed watching the birds and people.
3. It's a ___ to me why you don't marry him; he's rich, good-looking, and smart!
4. The official said that he couldn't ___ on the lawsuit because he hadn't seen the complaint.
6. Your computer will warn you that your ink ___ is almost empty, but it often isn't!
12. "Don't talk to your mother in that ___ of voice," mom told her teenage son.
13. There was ___ in her voice as she told the 911 dispatcher that she heard noises outside her bedroom.
14. Gasoline at $4 a gallon is a bargain compared to printer ___ at $20 for 20 milliliters!
17. When you buy a cheap wooden pencil, you usually get a cheap ___ that makes a mess when you use it.
19. Somebody stole the lawyer's ___ with all his papers (and a peanut butter sandwich) in it.
20. When each ___ begins at PCC, the bookstore and the parking lots are packed.


2. A. Do I get any ___s with this new computer? B. Only if you pay ___.
5. Her lips ___d after she drank too much coffee. (Caffeine has strange effects on people.)
6. To the ___ eye, the jacket fit him well. A tailor, however, would spot the problems.
7. Christmas is a time for giving and receiving ___s.
8. A burrito usually contains beans, meat, and cheese ___ped in a tortilla. (Don't forget the chile peppers.)
9. My boss is absolutely ___less; I've never even seen him smile.
10. I give up. I can't talk any ___ into you. You're making a big mistake.
11. She was so ___ that the company would hire her that she bought a new car.
15. Items usually sell better if they are in attractive ___s.
16. A teacher's basic tools are a whiteboard, an eraser, and lots of colorful ___s.
18. The family hired a law firm to file a wrongful death ___ against the city of San Francisco.