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1. Passenger planes have ___s that are big enough for only one person's arm. (Thanks, United!)
3. You should ___ produce with soap and water you before you eat it.
5. Many cooks use a ___ to cook turkey and other big chunks of meat.
7. The bicycle seat was ___ with sweat after his long ride.
11. My ___ is, "Live and let live."
12. The thief ___bed the cash register and ran, but it was so heavy that he dropped it.
14. I turned on the hot water ___, but only cold water came out.
17. The grandfather clock was as plain as could be--there was no fancy ___ anywhere.
18. After constructing the coffee table, he ___ed it a deep brown.
19. There was no ___ on the wedding ring--it was a plain band of gold.
20. There's nothing like the smell of a ___ new car.
21. They ___d his birthday cake with a candy fish and hook, since he was a fisherman.


2. She leaves the salt shaker on the ___ so she can add salt while she's cooking.
4. That is a very dangerous ___ in the road--12 people have died there in the last 3 years.
6. First, let the dishes soak in the ___ water. Then, it's easier to clean them.
8. All the ___ is dirty; we'll have to clean it, or use plastic forks and spoons.
9. "I want all your money. ___ it over right now," said the criminal.
10. The ___ of the motorcycle was damaged after the severe accident.
13. It was an ___ white wedding dress--no lace, no fancy buttons or bows.
15. He put a ___ on the floor so he'd have something soft to sit on.
16. If you don't ___ the soup bowl after washing it, your next bowl of soup might taste a little like soap.