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2. The men and women runners from the island of ___ did very well at the Beijing Olympics.
5. The grandfather clock ___s loudly every quarter hour. (It drives everyone nuts.)
8. Just north of Costa Rica, ___ is a country in Central America.
9. The 7.9 earthquake in Sichuan, China in 2008 was a ___ event, killing 70,000 people.
12. Because gas is almost $4 a gallon, many people are ___ing at home--it's called a "staycation." (Yes, English can be fun!)
14. He took a ___ out of her sandwich and handed it back to her. "Why don't you buy your own?" she asked.
15. She likes all the hustle and ___ of shopping during the Christmas season.


1. Complete ___ of your hard drive is the best way to prevent someone from copying the information on it. (Get your hammer!)
3. The ___ River empties into the Gulf of Mexico at New Orleans. (Is New Orleans still there?)
4. After backing into the dumpster, he checked his bumper but didn't see any ___ to it.
6. About 2 million people evacuated Louisiana before ___ Gustav arrived in 2008. (They could have stayed home.)
7. Global warming is quickly ___ing the habitat of polar bears in the Arctic. (How will they survive?)
10. The Loch Ness ___ in Scotland has been a legend for almost 75 years. (Stay out of the water!)
11. Doctors say you can stay in shape with ___ effort--simply by walking half an hour a day.
13. If my polite request doesn't stop you from bothering me, I shall have to ___ to physical violence.
14. The ___ from trees is valuable; it's used in cork, spices, and medicines. (So stop cutting your initials into it.)