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2. Partly in Mongolia and partly in China, the Gobi ___ is big and cold. (Not hot, like most ___s.)
3. Burros are great animals for packing goods and people down into ___s or canyons.
4. Let's go for a ride in my lighter-than-air ___. (Up, up, and away!)
7. If you drive on rough and rocky ___, you should use a jeep or 4-wheel drive vehicle.
9. Do I ___ a bit of sarcasm in your voice?
10. Some ___s climb mountains and explore the entire world without ever breaking a single bone. (How lucky is that?)
14. If you don't take enough ___s with you on a camping trip, you'll have to pick your own plants or catch your own fish.
18. ___, all students know that they won't do well in class if they don't study.
19. I don't want to ___ you, but thick black smoke is coming out of your tailpipe.
20. Even though she continued to say no to his requests for a date, he continued to ___ her.


1. The police searched the wooded area with a fine-tooth ___, but found nothing.
2. He is a family man, totally ___d to his wife and kids.
3. Everything is ___. (Even your own ___s.)
5. The Coast Guard ___s the waters off the shores of the US.
6. You seem to have a ___ for making people feel good; you should become a psychologist.
8. The woman left the picnic to walk down to the river, and then simply ___ed. Her family is still hoping to find her.
10. How different would the world be today if ___s and trucks didn't exist?
11. In a ___ court case, the plaintiff is usually suing for damages. (Money.)
12. The heirs to the rich man's ___ were upset that half his fortune was going to an animal shelter.
13. On Sundays they like to take long, leisurely ___s through the local park.
15. The man lost a small ___ after investing in a software company that went belly up.
16. My car uses a ___ of oil about every 1,000 miles. Is that okay?
17. Eagles, hawks, and condors ___ high above the land, searching for animals to eat.