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2. What is more ___ than a ripe, juicy strawberry? (Another one?)
5. The triangular Yield ___ tells drivers to proceed if it's safe to do so.
6. "I'm a ___ wreck," she said the day before her final exam.
8. Some parents worry that their kids will become criminals if they see too much murder and other ___ on TV.
12. Over a lifetime, college ___s earn much more than high school ___s. (So get that second degree!)
13. Police dogs get a nice ___ whenever they discover a dead body or a car full of marijuana.
15. If the power stays off for too long, you're going to have to eat all the food in your ___ and freezer. (Or throw it out.)


1. The city attorney's office did not ___ the charge that the mayor was cheating on his wife. (It's not a crime.)
2. Late night TV commercials brag about products that will make all your wrinkles ___. (Don't believe it.)
3. He ___d some garlic powder on top of his pasta.
4. "Give me a big ___ and a kiss," grandma told her grandson.
7. A 1959 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz ___ is a rare, valuable, and beautiful car. (Put the top down and wave!)
9. Teenager Nancy Drew is a famous amateur ___ who solves all kinds of mysteries. (Fiction, of course.)
10. The ___ Four is a group of four superheroes who first appeared in Marvel Comics.
11. A school ___ is 16-18 weeks of various subjects taught by wonderful teachers.
14. Did you hear that noise? I think it's Santa and his reindeer up on the ___.