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1. I ate an apple and a handful of cashews for an afternoon ___.
3. If you're running a marathon, make sure you consume energy drinks that contain salt and ___.
6. Are you sure this electric drill is plugged in? I'm not getting any ___.
8. The Nutrition Facts label on food containers tells you how much ___, or salt, is in each serving.
10. I'll have a toasted tuna ___ with tomato, lettuce, and onion. And a chile pepper on the side.
13. What would you like for ___--pecan pie, chocolate cake, vanilla ice cream, or sliced pineapple?
15. The country of ___ is in northwestern South America, between Peru and Colombia.
18. I'll have my scotch ___--no ice, no water, no nothing.
19. We want the serial killer to ___, so of course we're hoping that he gets the electric chair.
20. Many brands of margarine proclaim that they taste just like real ___.
23. When I hit the lotto, I will order ___ and eggs for breakfast every day. (And I mean porterhouse!)
24. After the doctor stuck that endoscope down her throat, it hurt her to talk and ___ for almost a week.
25. If you're taking any kind of medication, don't eat ___ or drink ___ juice unless you check with your doctor first.


1. With his new water pistol, the boy ___ed all his sisters, who ran screaming to mom.
2. Kellogg's Smart Start ___ is a healthy way to start your day--it's low in sodium and contains whole grains.
4. Buddhism ___d in India about 2,500 years ago, but is now practiced all over the world.
5. The couple were ___ing in the back seat of the car. (Making out! Kissing!)
7. A banana is very polite--it tells you when it isn't ___, when it is ___, and when it's too ___. (What color is it?)
9. My grandma used to make the most delicious ___ed potatoes--lots of salt, butter, and milk.
11. Dr. Dean Edell says that you don't need ___ pills if you eat healthy foods.
12. Goober is the brand name for a combination of roasted ___s and jelly in the same jar! (Yum!)
14. Most people use a ___ to eat spaghetti. (Little kids use their hands.)
16. Pretty girls who ___ gum with their mouths wide open like a cow ___ing its cud look dumb and ugly.
17. A Swiss Army knife is a ___ tool--you can use it for many types of jobs.
20. He: Does my snoring ___ you? She: No. It just keeps me up all night.
21. You can eat peanuts ___, roasted, boiled, and even deep fried.
22. Put a ___ of American cheese on top of that ___ of ham, please. (And a ___ of onion would be nice, too.)
23. Everyone thought they would be married forever, but they ___ up five years after the wedding.