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4. The plane was ___ for only a minute before it had engine trouble.
6. If you keep studying these crosswords, your English will ___ improve. (Learning a language is a gradual process.)
8. Truck drivers who don't ___ their cargo down will lose it on the highway.
9. If you want to ___ someone, be polite and show respect to their loved ones.
10. You can never be too rich or too ___.
12. The word ___ derives from the letters in RAdio Detecting And Ranging.
13. Winter snow___ in New York can be more than 10 feet high.
15. The character actor was famous for playing some of the meanest, lowest ___s in films.


1. The plane's rapid ___ was finally halted as the pilot safely leveled the plane off.
2. The military is seeking development of planes that don't require human ___s.
3. Roger Federer is the best ___ tennis player in the world. (At least for right now.)
5. If you rub this special cream on your face every night, your wrinkles will ___. --TV commercial
7. A snake ___s prey with its sensitive tongue.
8. If you think your computer is ___ protected against hackers, you're probably wrong.
11. She was ___ing in her own self-pity.
14. At Pep Boys you can buy a special glue to reattach your car's ___view mirror.