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2. Oops! I misspoke. What I ___t to say was, "You're 20 OUNCES overweight."
4. Who makes the best ___--Del Taco or Taco Bell?
6. The little girl had ___s on her arm from her mom squeezing it so hard.
11. A soccer ball is round; an egg is ___.
12. If you eat French style green ___s, buy the cans that are labeled No Salt/Sugar Added.
13. Those people are ___. If you complain to their face, they want to kill you.
17. The man ___ed out of the bar. He found his car, got in, and passed out. (Thank goodness!)


1. Doctors recommend that women examine their breasts regularly for ___s (which could be cancerous).
3. A good suspense movie will keep you on the ___ of your seat.
5. Michael Chertoff, the head of Homeland Security, is popularly known as The ___. (Because he looks just like one!)
6. If you get a ___ cut from your barber, you won't have any hair left on your head.
7. The abused woman prayed every night that her alcoholic husband would ___ up.
8. On Ash Wednesday the priest marks your ___ with ashes in the shape of a cross.
9. It's difficult to make an ___ realize that he drinks too much.
10. She was cited because she ___d with a police investigation.
14. Some people are worried about another stock market ___ because so many banks are going under.
15. Reporters don't ask politicians ___ questions; they ask softball questions. ("Uh, senator, what's your favorite dessert?")
16. Politicians talk about ___ing down on gangs and crime, but it's usually all talk.