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2. Government officials ___ed Texas residents about the dangers of Hurricane Ike.
5. Dawn and ___ are nice times of the day to take a summer walk. (It's not so hot.)
7. The Grand ___ in Arizona is one of nature's wonders. (And now there is a glass Skywalk.)
8. If you ___ me, I will explain how to operate this device.
9. A park ___ has a great job in the wilderness, but he is underpaid and under-appreciated.
10. September 11, 2001 was an ___ morning in Manhattan--until 8:46, when the first plane hit the Trade Center.
14. ___s of California are wondering when the legislature will finally pass a budget that the governor can sign.
15. Because no money was ___, the program was terminated.
16. More and more, fires in California are a result of ___ rather than lightning or accidents.
17. Every organization has its rules and ___s that must be followed. (Or you will be dismissed.)


1. Don't ___; speak up! Say what's on your mind.
3. Police have a tendency to ___ some laws and not ___ others.
4. Rude people have no ___ for others. (There should be a jail for rudeness.)
6. People who ___ should be forced to spend a week at the circus cleaning up all the animal poop.
7. The ___ chatter of two students in the back of the room annoyed the other students.
11. When you think of an ocean reef, you automatically think of ___.
12. There are at least 200 million registered ___s in the US. (That's a lot of gas and oil.)
13. Sunrise and sunset ___ twice a day all around the world.