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3. With a good pair of ___, you can see the bottom of the canyon up close.
8. She: You ___! I hate you! He: You witch! I hate you! ...Then they kissed passionately. (People are crazy.)
10. If you're not in ___ of your faculties while driving, the police will arrest you.
11. Her sixth ___ told her that someone was standing behind her.
14. They say that pregnant women have a ___ of joy and anticipation.
15. Officials ordered a total ___ before the hurricane hit, but many people refused to leave.
17. He was standing on the ___ of the roof when he slipped.
20. OJ's attorneys are going to try to ___ his innocence to the jurors. (Again?!)
21. It's not polite to call someone a dolt, a moron, or an ___. (Unless they really deserve it!)
23. I'm not going to complain to him--he has a terrible ___ and will yell at me for complaining.
24. Once the agents ___ the amount of damage, they will make an official report.
25. People love to hike and take river rides in the beautiful Grand ___.


1. The collision between the freight train and the passenger train was ___. (But it could have been prevented.)
2. He ___bed a handful of peanuts out of the bowl.
4. To kill Dracula, you must drive a ___ through his heart.
5. He ___ped off a corner of the paper and wrote his phone number on it.
6. If your wife or husband is ___, everything you do or say is suspect. (So don't ever cheat!)
7. The fire spread quickly. The wind was blowing about 20 mph, with ___s up to 50 mph.
9. Cheerleaders are born to ___.
12. He met an old ___ while visiting the winery; she asked if he was now married.
13. The governor ___d that 12 counties were disaster areas because of the fires.
16. So far, they have found 24 passengers who ___d the Metrolink passenger train collision.
18. Hate not only consumes you, but it will ___ you. (Try to replace it with love.)
19. In a drunken ___, he drove his car through four red lights before crashing into a parked car.
22. This device isn't worth a ___; if you paid a dollar for it, you paid a dollar too much.