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1. If you ___ someone when you're angry, they can call the police who might put you in jail.
3. Sometimes even the ___s, who should know better, are fooled by something.
4. When people find a place that they really like, they call it a "little bit of ___."
5. Hurricane Ike cut off power to Houston's oil refineries, so they ___d the price of gasoline. (Do they ever LOWER prices?)
6. I'm ___ mad at you, so please don't call or write.
9. The ___ was about the roosters in the back yard; they were waking the neighbors up. (Get a good lawyer.)
11. I will ___ you for everything you've got. (And you will pay my attorney fees.)
12. It was a scary summer; people on the Gulf Coast got no ___, as storm after storm hit the coast.
14. ___ values went down sharply when the county announced a landfill was going to be created nearby.
17. The ___ building is in the state capital.
21. She pleaded with him to no ___; he decided to leave instead of spending the night.
22. According to some people, pride is the ___ of all anger and hurt.
23. She ___ed for her son's safety every night while he was in Iraq.
24. If you could ___ next Friday's lotto numbers, you would be rich!


2. An ___ denies the existence of God. (Will God accept ___s in heaven?)
3. Just because you are a student at PCC does not ___ you to free parking. (You have to buy a permit.)
6. At the first class ___, students introduced themselves to each other.
7. The good ___ spared us this time; maybe next time we won't be so lucky.
8. In the ___ of the meeting, a man stood up, yelled "Lord help us!", and ran out of the room.
10. A homeowners' ___ enforces the rules and regulations of a condominium.
13. "___ Housewives" is a popular TV show about suburban women who are looking for love.
15. The rumor is that Arnold Schwarzenegger, currently ___ of California, wants to be one of the two US senators from California. (Lord help us.)
16. The California Highway ___ is often first upon the scene of a deadly freeway accident.
17. How can you ___ to be a good driver when you've been to traffic school four times?
18. Many people say a little ___ before they get on an airplane. (They should save their ___s for riding in a car!)
19. Many Asian people ___ to each other instead of shaking hands. (It's more sanitary, too.)
20. If the ___ continues, the water level in the lake will be too shallow for large boats.