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1. If you feel faint, you should lie down on your back with your feet ___ elevated. (That helps blood flow to your head.)
5. When people get too excited, they sometimes ___, just huffing and puffing away.
6. Jim has been an ultrasound ___ for 20 years. He started out as an EKG ___.
10. The announcer's voice had a distinctive ___ which helped make him popular.
12. The game had ___ begun when the doctor got an emergency phone call.
13. George Takei, who played Mr. Sulu on "Star Trek," finally married his long-time ___, Brad Altman.
15. Doctors ___ that you get 10-15 minutes of sunshine 3-4 times weekly to satisfy your vitamin D needs.
16. The kids in the park were having a great time sliding down the ___.
17. If you're ___, a doctor might prescribe Elavil, a drug which will make you feel happier.


1. When someone is hyperventilating or too excited, a doctor might give them a ___ to calm them down or even put them to sleep.
2. In the old days, you placed your phone calls through an ___. (In fact, my mom was a telephone ___ in the late 1940s!)
3. If you have anything made of ___, guard it--thieves are stealing anything that can be melted down and sold as scrap ___. (Yes, even the ___ braces on your teeth!)
4. Clothing manufacturers now produce a zippered hoodie which covers your face completely--robbers don't need a ___ if they wear this hoodie.
7. Because he was in the upstairs ___ of the third passenger car, he was not injured in the Chatsworth collision that killed 25 train passengers.
8. If you care about the ___, you will recycle.
9. Various medical machines use ___ to "see" inside the body and determine the condition of bones, organs, and other tissue.
11. If you don't stop being so ___, I'm going to tie you up and give you a sedative.
13. In 2008, vehicle drivers in the US got hysterical as they watched gas prices go through the ___.
14. Researchers recently discovered that cattle align themselves with ___ north. (OK, but why?)