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1. Many students attend a junior college first, and then ___ to a university.
5. If you ___ other vehicles, you will slam into their rear end if they stop suddenly.
7. Actress Jane ___ was also a "sweater girl" who was admired by thousands of soldiers during WWII.
9. "___ gin" is homemade alcohol that is fermented in the tub. (Don't drink it!)
10. The ___ of Mexico's warm water helps fuel a hurricane's power.
12. Don't you think it ___ that the engineer was texting someone seconds before the train crash?
14. King ___ III and England lost in the war against ___ Washington and the colonies.
15. ___ Ireland used to be a model, but now she is the CEO of a successful corporation that sells furniture and clothes.


2. People are wondering if the terrible train crash occurred ___, or was the engineer suicidal?
3. The old man tried to ___ the car away from the crowd, but it was going too fast.
4. She got ___ when her husband came home later and later every night.
6. He ___d when he heard the joke about the old man who thought his wife was poisoning him.
8. Benjamin Franklin thought that the wild ___ (not the bald eagle) should be America's national bird.
10. He ___ed when the heavy box landed on his head, and then he collapsed.
11. If you don't want to ___, don't go near the water. (If you do go near the water, then wear a life jacket.)
13. "(Sittin' on) The ___ of the Bay" by Otis Redding is one of the greatest soul songs of all time.