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2. Nature produces ___ storms and earthquakes that kill thousands annually.
6. The deadly ___ snake comes out of the pot when its Indian master plays music.
7. ___ is an antibiotic drug that has helped millions of people suffering from various diseases and infections.
10. Download your i___ so you can play them on your iPod.
12. Many ___s who invested in real estate are wishing they had invested in gold.
13. A snake ___ plays music that makes a cobra "dance" to the music.
14. A ___ is one of the oldest known musical instruments. One of the first ___s was a bone with some holes in it.
15. The Beatles created many tunes that had a simple ___ and simple lyrics. ("She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah!")
17. The musical instrument that snake charmers use is called a ___. (How do you say that?)
18. If you invest in the right ___, you might be a millionaire within a couple of years.


1. The workers went on ___, demanding health benefits and higher wages.
2. When you go through Customs at the airport, they ask if you have anything to ___.
3. The fans were ___ when China won another gold medal.
4. The ___ of the home invasions is causing alarm in the neighborhood. (There were three invasions just last week.)
5. The engineer on the freight train hit his emergency brake ___, but it was too late to avoid the collision.
8. Investors who thought they had made good ___s were shocked when the ___ firm went bankrupt.
9. "___" and "Inc." are two popular magazines devoted to people who want to develop their own business.
11. You can help ___ colds if you wash your hands frequently.
16. If you ___ a restaurant's service and food 10 on a scale of 10, you will probably visit that restaurant frequently.