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2. A tailor will ___ your waist, arms, and legs before he makes you a suit.
3. The animals in ___ in zoos worldwide are safe from predators. (But not safe from humans.)
5. Highway crews put bright orange ___s on the road to divert traffic around where the men are working.
7. ___s, lions, leopards, and mountain lions are the world's biggest cats.
10. The ___ of the artist's paintings at the local museum was attended by thousands.
12. He got into the bathtub, grabbed the knife, and ___ both his wrists.
14. "Lover's ___" overlooks a cliff on a mountain road. Several people have jumped to their death from there.
16. There are only about 450 ___ tigers still surviving in the wild in eastern Siberia.
17. The key ___d from the cord that was attached to her wrist.


1. Even though he wasn't masked, she couldn't remember a single ___ of his face.
4. If you're traveling by plane, it's just a short ___ from Long Beach to Catalina Island.
6. Many species that are now ___ will soon become extinct. (Who remembers the dodo bird?)
7. She did a strip-___ for the men at the club; they all yelled for her to "take it all off!"
8. Worried, he felt a knot in the ___ of his stomach.
9. A ___ tree drops ___ cones and ___ needles all over the ground.
11. There was a ___ in his step after she told him that she would marry him.
13. She put a ___ of gum into her mouth and started chewing loudly.
15. The mama bear ___ed just once, and the dogs ran away.