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1. If you had arrived a few minutes ___, you would have caught that bus.
4. A. Can you give me an ___ of how you would use "cat" in a sentence? B. Sure. The cat meowed.
6. She was ___ because he was late again; she had warned him to never be late again.
7. Wait a minute--I think I hear my ___ ringing.
10. Every few Christmas seasons, a new toy is all the ___; stores sell out as soon as the toy comes in.
14. She couldn't ___ whether to marry him or not--he was a great guy, but he had a so-so job.
15. What is your ___ about gun ownership--should people be allowed to keep pistols in their homes?
16. You don't have to ___; I'm not deaf, you know.


2. If you don't show ___ to people, they won't ___ you either.
3. You have a lot of ___ calling me after I told you I never wanted to see you again.
5. No doubt about it--that was ___ the best golf shot he made during the entire round.
8. In the 2000 presidential election, the ___ chads on the Florida ballots were big news.
9. They say it is more ___ to quit smoking than it is to quit using heroin. (Don't use either one, and you'll never experience the ___y!)
11. If you want to buy or sell a home, or find out about mortgage rates, a good web site is
12. "Gone With the Wind" is a fantastic book and a great ___.
13. ___ do you expect to get a good grade in class if you don't do your homework?