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3. Condoms, or ___s, are important to use for birth control and for preventing sexual diseases.
5. If you have even a small ___ in your toilet tank, you are wasting gallons of water a week.
7. Her husband ___d around with the toilet, but he couldn't stop the leak. (She called the plumber.)
9. Congress decided to ___ the rules on banks and investment firms after the $700 billion bailout.
12. Low-flow toilets save water, but they don't always ___ completely.
13. Phones, TVs, radios, and computers are all made out of ___. (And you can buy them with ___!)
15. Platinum, the precious ___ in catalytic converters, attracts thieves.
16. It's difficult to feel ___ when gang members live next door to you. (Maybe "impossible" would be a better word!)


1. The ___ under his car was only water condensation--it wasn't oil. (Thank goodness!)
2. She had a ___ feeling, like someone was watching her.
4. In an engine, ___s fit into the top of the piston, allowing fuel to enter the cylinder and gases to escape.
6. The student was having trouble ___ to her new school and classmates.
8. If you have to ___ the top to a bottle of wine, people will think it's a cheap bottle of wine. (Where's the cork?)
10. She blew a ___ when her boyfriend decided against buying her a nice engagement ring.
11. The ___ in your toilet tank keeps water from leaking into the toilet bowl. (But it can age and leak!)
12. People in the midwestern US have to deal with ___ing rivers and howling tornadoes.
14. Those oil-soaked ___s are a fire hazard; throw them out.