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1. A ___ ___ for your electrical cords usually includes surge protection and phone cord connections.
6. They had to ___ ___ many of the homes that Hurricane Ike hit on Galveston Island. (Start all over again!)
8. Most people prefer to live in a single home that is ___. (A townhome or condo is attached.)
10. One reason for getting vaccinated is to avoid dying in an ___.
11. The current ___ of Los Angeles spends only 11 percent of his work day on city business! (And he'll probably get reelected!)
13. Some ___s of Los Angeles want to know why the mayor is always at photo shoots instead of doing city business.
16. They pulled the ___ on the gang prevention program, because it wasn't working.
17. The night air ___d from all the activity of lightning, which was flashing everywhere.
19. If we don't protect ___ed species, they will all become extinct.
20. She didn't want to do 2 loads, so she ___ the washing machine; the motor burnt out.
21. President Bush believes that he has the ___ to tap the phone of any American.


2. The vandals were charged with destroying school ___.
3. A new lie ___ is being developed that will "see" into your brain.
4. Most ___s collapsed in the earthquake because they were made of brick or wood.
5. The old man committed suicide by sitting in his ___ with the engine running.
7. Carolyn Gurtz of Maryland won a million dollars from Pillsbury for her peanut butter cookie recipe!
9. More than half the world's people still haven't enjoyed the simple pleasure of using an indoor ___. (Well, it's a pleasure compared to going outside.)
12. Older homes don't have enough ___s, so people have to buy power strips.
14. Most of the marijuana ___ grown in the US is planted in national forests.
15. If you don't ___ to the rules and regulations, you will lose your job. ("My way or the highway.")
17. He was born Catholic, but to make his new wife happy he ___ed to Judaism.
18. Most products have bar ___s printed on their labels to identify the product and the price.