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1. ___ 10 will take you from Jacksonville on the Atlantic Ocean to Santa Monica on the Pacific.
6. ___ is a dark yellow-brown material that is used for jewelry. (It's also a woman's name.)
7. ___es depend on good tippers to provide most of their income.
10. He was relieved that the restaurant was closed; he didn't feel like Italian food ___.
11. She gave the stranger a ___ look when he asked when her birthday was.
13. The inter___ was dangerous because the stop signs were blocked from view by low-hanging tree branches.
14. Fat people frequently wear ___, which makes them look thinner. (By a pound or two.)
15. Some ___ men say that they are sexier than men with a full head of hair. (Oh, please!)
16. Annie's ___s in Pasadena has ___s for thousands of different cars. (So if you lose one or all four, head for Annie's.)


2. The waitress heard from her coworker that this customer was a big ___, so she was extra polite to him.
3. ___ is the writer of the first gospel of the New Testament. (Mark, Luke, and John wrote the other gospels.)
4. He had ___ toes just like his father; everyone else in the family had straight toes.
5. Some women prefer ___ men to fat men; other women think ___ men are too bony.
8. A ___ is an American luxury car named after a French explorer.
9. The captain wouldn't order his men to do anything that he wouldn't do ___.
12. Inventors! Call today to reserve your ___ (only $475) at the National Inventor's Expo in Las Vegas.