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2. The Democratic campaign volunteers ___d Obama buttons to people on city streets.
3. ___ is the name of President Clinton's only daughter. (That we know of.)
5. It should not have ___ed the nation that President Bush asked for a $700 billion bailout from the people to save the wealthy banks.
7. The ___ party is the same as the Democratic party--both parties think of America second, and their party first.
9. Waitress: Of course you can have another cup of coffee, but you'll have to pay ___ for it.
11. He's just a ___ guy with a ___ job.
12. If you check your Ingredients label, you will find High Fructose Corn ___ used as a sweetener in many foods.
13. He wanted to switch to the graveyard ___ at the hospital, because it paid extra but there was less work.
14. Google sold ___s in its company at about $80 initially; ___ climbed to about $800 before settling back down.


1. Children will ___ another child if he is different. Where do they learn this behavior?
2. Obama and Biden are the presidential and vice presidential nominees of the ___ party in 2008.
4. If laws are not enforced ___, people will learn to disrepect those laws and the people enforcing those laws.
6. ___ couples in their homes are a robbery target for men dressed as Department of Water workers. (What happened to becoming wiser as you get older?)
8. Let me ___ this offer: I will market and distribute your product for 20% of your gross profits.
10. The ___ of time spent in front of the mirror decreases with age.