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1. He didn't mean to ___ anything by his remark, but she thought he was making fun of her weight.
3. If you ___ me to Disneyland, I promise to go on all the rides with you.
6. Different painters have different ___s for putting the paint on the canvas.
7. The neighbors had a long-time ___ with each other because his tree kept dropping leaves into her swimming pool.
9. Even though she saw several doctors and took various medications, her symptoms ___ed.
11. "My ___ Americans" is a popular phrase that politicians use in their speeches.
13. Police caught the guy who ___ed the USC student with a knife.
15. Bush had ___ begun his speech when he stumbled over his words and had to begin again.
18. Soldiers go to the ___ range to practice shooting with their M-16s.
19. Conspiracy ___s believe that JFK was killed by gunmen behind the grassy knoll and that 9/11 involved government cooperation.
20. "The ___ Ranger" was a popular TV series; he was the only survivor after five of his fellow rangers were killed.
22. "Parents usually wash the ___ of their child," said the ESL student. (Yes, English is a tricky language.)
23. More than 100 years old, the ___s Union is one of the biggest labor unions in the US.
24. The Department of ___ has headquarters in the Pentagon and more than 2 million military members.
25. John Wilkes Booth and his friends were part of a ___ to murder Abraham Lincoln and others.


2. The ocean is full of ___ animals and plants.
4. "Once upon a midnight dreary, while I ___ed, weak and weary." --Edgar Allan Poe's poem, "The Raven"
5. The engineer texted several messages before his passenger train collided with a freight train, resulting in 25 ___ities and 135 injuries.
8. The ___or was in the last car when the collision occurred; he said he had talked briefly to the engineer.
10. Believe it or not, the human ___ (where you put your hat) contains 29 bones.
12. The ___ government is a vast collection of agencies that waste billions of dollars annually.
14. The young man in Finland made a video of himself firing a pistol (saying "You're next"), and then shot 10 of his classmates before killing himself.
16. The Federal ___ System consists of 12 federal banks and many private banks.
17. ___ has 435 members in the House and 100 members in the Senate. It is famous for doing nothing (except when it's too late).
21. The assassins of JFK and Martin Luther King, Jr. both claimed they were a "___"--they were framed.