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1. Hillary Clinton sent Obama a ___ message when he won the final state primary. (Was her message sincere?)
3. The earthquake caused the fish ___ to crash to the floor; all the fish died.
4. Hurricane Ike was a ___ for Galveston Island; homes were either flattened or flooded.
7. Whatever your ___ is, you can find various ways to travel there via or (Hotels and car rentals, too.)
9. When asked about the "Bush ___," Gov. Sarah Palin didn't know what it is. (Nor does anyone else.)
10. If you have a ___ about a product, you can usually call the 800 number and wait for half an hour to talk to someone.
12. A non___ organization puts all its ___s back into the organization.
13. Both the ___ and the co___ of the 747 fell asleep during the long flight. (But they woke up before landing.)
16. The politician finally ___ed to the angry phone calls from citizens, who demanded that he vote against the pay increase for legislators.
17. Airlines are charging for food, soda, pillows, and even water because of the increase in ___ prices.
20. The government is going to ___ why banks failed throughout the nation, so that it will never happen again.
21. ___ truck drivers often ___ cars that are legally parked in minimalls.
22. And the last thing we do before serving this dish is to add just a ___ of garlic.
23. He has a full head of ___-black hair.
24. I love that song--it ___s me of my girlfriend in the 11th grade.


2. People say that how you ___ to an emergency or problem shows what kind of person you really are.
5. Attach the red cable to the positive ___ of the battery, and the black cable to the negative ___.
6. In the city streets of Brooklyn and Manhattan, ___ball was a popular game years ago. (All you needed was a ___ and a ball.)
8. Bush announced that the US ___ will fail unless there is a government bailout of $700 billion. ("Government" = taxpayer.)
11. The executives in upper ___ will still get their millions, while ordinary citizens will get nothing. (Except further in debt.)
14. Because of a strong ___, the passenger plane arrived at LAX half an hour earlier than scheduled.
15. The city council will ___ all residents about the time and place of the next meeting.
18. In a ___ to the official, the president made it clear that he would not yield to pressure from anyone.
19. With ease and grace, the two dancers ___ed over the floor.