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3. Some men like to sit in their ___s with their remote control and watch TV.
8. ___ dogs have papers and cost money; a puppy might cost more than $800.
9. Jesus' first ___ occurred when he turned water into wine (John 2:1-11).
10. People who take medication over long periods of time often have to increase the ___.
11. A ___ play in baseball often starts with a ground ball to the shortstop, who throws to second base.
13. Chevy ___ was one of the original comedians on the classic TV show "Saturday Night Live." (It's also a town in Maryland.)
15. ___ Charles was married to Princess Diana for 15 years.


1. Cocker spaniels, bulldogs, and beagles are examples of dog ___s.
2. ___ing Kool-Aid with water will produce a delicious ___ture for drinking on a hot day.
4. Modern baby ___s can transport and sleep one or two babies comfortably, with room for bottles and diapers.
5. Wham-O is the manufacturer of the world-famous ___, which even little kids can throw with ease.
6. Gary was angry when his neighbor's dog bit his dog. But he got angrier when his neighbor called Gary's dog a ___.
7. Kool-Aid is a delicious ___ made by mixing the powder with water.
11. "Rain___ keep falling on my head." --Song title, B.J. Thomas
12. Jesse Owens won the broad jump in the Olympics with a ___ of more than 26 feet.
14. Dogs beg at the dinner table by standing on their ___ feet.