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2. He ___ed the charm and self-confidence that attracted women of all ages.
4. The saguaro is a huge ___ plant that lives for many years and grows mostly in Arizona and part of Mexico.
7. The ___ industry claims that it is the only industry that advertises to young people NOT to use its (cancer-causing) product.
8. David Foster Wallace was a ___ man who wrote ___ short stories and novels. He did not lead a simple life.
9. Mexican drug ___s and their gangs were responsible for killing more than 2,000 people in 2008.
10. Today, if you are not ___ed to the Internet, you are missing out on a lot of information and entertainment.
12. US Historic ___ 66 is a famous old highway connecting Chicago to Santa Monica.
16. She preferred to be "under the ___"; she wanted supervisors to barely know that she existed.
18. The kids were ___; they had been outside rolling around in the dirt with the dog.
20. You shouldn't ___ ill feelings toward someone; try to talk out your differences and you'll both feel better.
22. Warren Buffett ___ invites stockholders to come visit him in Omaha, Nebraska. (Thousands show up every year.)
23. Although little ___s sometimes kill people with their poisonous stinging tail, in some countries they are considered a taste treat.
24. The underground (and underwater) railroad ___ between England and France is called the Chunnel.
25. As of January 1, 2009 it will be ___ to text message while driving a vehicle in California. (It's already against the law to use a hand-held phone while driving.)


1. An ___ is a piece of land that is about 208 feet by 208 feet. (It rhymes with 'baker.')
3. Rubbermaid sells plastic ___ boxes with lids that are about the same size as a cardboard shoebox.
4. The ___ sits in the park; it fired many shells during World War II.
5. You won't ___ over your words if you practice your speech before you deliver it.
6. You'll find scorpions, tarantulas, cactus, lizards, and turtles in the ___. (And lots of sand.)
11. A typical ___ container for international shipping is 8' by 8' by 40' (or 20').
13. The first ___ report from Army ___s was that the soldier had died from enemy fire; the second ___ report was that he had died from friendly fire.
14. ___ is so popular in the US that its continuing illegal use is making billionaires out of Colombian drug lords.
15. A turtle pulls its head and feet into its ___ when it senses trouble.
17. Pasadena's city manager has an admirable salary and benefits ___, including $340,000 a year and fully paid medical insurance.
19. If the government ___d marijuana and prostitution, they would no longer be crimes; police could chase murderers, rapists, and thugs instead.
21. In 2006 about 18,000 US residents were killed in traffic deaths that were ___-related. (Don't drink and drive.)