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1. The Central Intelligence ___ (CIA) tried to tell Dick Cheney that Iraq had no weapons to attack the US.
4. The US ___ in Yemen was attacked by Al Qaeda in 2008, resulting in 12 deaths. (But the ambassador was unharmed.)
5. One of the most televised ___s in the world was between Prince Charles and Princess Diana in 1981. (750 million viewers!)
10. The Federal Bureau of ___ (FBI) investigates bank robberies, kidnappings, and terrorist threats.
13. "What we have here is a failure to ___." --Famous movie line, spoken to a character who didn't obey the rules
14. The FBI ___ was in charge of investigating bank robberies in Los Angeles, the bank robbery capital of the world.
15. The Iranian woman said, "I don't speak Arabic; I speak ___."
16. Some people like to smoke a ___ after a meal, after sex, after waking up, and after quitting smoking for a day or two.


2. Disposable ___s are popular among people who don't like glasses and don't want laser surgery on their eyes.
3. The woman denied that she wore sexy outfits because she was ___ for attention. ("I get plenty of attention," she said.)
6. The minority leader (Boener) in the House of ___s changed the pronunciation of his name. (From 'Boner' to 'Bayner.')
7. Confession in the Catholic church is a ___ affair between the priest and the confessor. (Unless the priest is a tattletale.)
8. ___s dress up as Department of Water employees so they can enter homes of elderly people and rob them.
9. ___s Obama and McCain held their first presidential debate on Friday evening, September 26, 2008. (Obama won! McCain won!)
11. Drug ___s use people, animals, food, vehicles, and even submarines to sneak drugs into the US.
12. ___ is the capital of Iran and the home of President Ahmadinejad.